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Bio-Light Down-lights

The BioLight™ is the first biological friendly Full spectrum light bulb technology of its kind to appear anywhere in the world.

It’s the most advanced technology we have ever developed; The worlds first Day to Night Full Spectrum light bulb! Bring the outdoors inside with the BioLight™ full spectrum light. The BioLight™ has 3 modes to provide optimal lighting all day, and all night. It is equipped with 3 different modes that can be changed to align with the different light phases of the sun from sunrise to sunset. By turning the light off and on at the light switch it will initiate a mode change, no remotes needed, no wifi controls, just a simple off and on from the existing light switch.
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Healthier Inside Lighting Solutions

We offer ‘all in one’ down-light and bulb options that can be switched through various ‘colour spectrums, to match daytime and night time modes and promote natural health and rhythms.

Overhead lighting accounts for much of the ‘artificial light’ we are exposed to on a daily basis. ALL conventional home, school and office lighting has mostly high levels of blue light; even ‘warm’ lighting is predominantly green light.

These are far removed from nature’s light spectrums that we need to support our human health and biological systems. As a health practitioner and consultant I work with companies that have reverse engineered the problematic modern LED lighting to create solutions that are much healthier for human use. They have removed harmful high blue light frequencies at night time, balanced the spectral output for daytime use, removed the flicker effect and reduced the ‘dirty electricity’ feeding back into the power supply.

Daytime Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Clear or yellow lenses help filter blue light ‘spikes’ by 50-70% when using technology during the day.

Light exposure in our daytime work and recreation is increasingly from artificial lighting and technology. Light from computer screens, laptops, TV and home and office lighting is mostly ‘blue and green’ light that doesn’t match nature’s balanced light spectrums.
With increasing exposure to these limited spectrums, our light exposure is far removed from what our biological systems need. Health issues such as eye strain, headaches and fatigue may be symptoms of this.

Night time Blue LIght Blocking Glasses

Red or amber lenses at night block 100% of blue light, and help your body produce Melatonin, the sleep hormone, at night and enjoy a more restorative sleep.

Blue light exposure at night from screens and conventional artificial lighting really disturbs our Melatonin hormone production and that impacts our sleep and circadian rhythms. Wakefulness, insomnia, restless sleep, low energy, fatigue and brain fog are just some of the symptoms of this disturbance.

Childrens Filtering & Blocking Glasses

Red or amber lenses at night block 100% of blue light, and help your body produce Melatonin, the sleep hormone, at night and enjoy a more restorative sleep.

Blue light exposure at night from screens and conventional artificial lighting really disturbs our Melatonin hormone production and that impacts our sleep and circadian rhythms. Wakefulness, insomnia, restless sleep, low energy, fatigue and brain fog are just some of the symptoms of this disturbance.

Analemma Coherent Water Quartz Wand

The Aǹalemma Wand is a portable tool that transforms regular water into its super-charged, full-spectrum coherent state.

It consists of an ultra-thin quartz vial filled with highly structured water, a highly dominant positive frequency water obtained through a 5-stage procedure spanning 365 days. When you swirl the Aǹalemma Wand through regular water, its molecules mimic the frequency and coherent structure in the wand itself. This seamless transfer of coherent structure is enabled by the very specific physical composition of quartz.

The Aǹalemma Wand requires no batteries or electric charging. Both the water inside the wand and the water treated with the wand are highly stable, even when exposed to strong radiation. With proper care, this elegant tool can be your source of coherent water for a lifetime.

Ionised Water Machines

These innovative water technology devices not only filter your tap water but they also produce ionised alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning saving you money by replacing any chemical or toxic cleaning or beauty product used in households as well as providing you with the highest quality drinking water for your family.

Whole House Water filtration systems

Keeping your family safe from chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and parasites that exist in household water supplies is foundational to your health. We have partnered with whole of house water filtration manufacturers who have developed the most cutting edge technology to filter everything from heavy metals to chlorine, fluoride and PFAS (flame retardants).

Air to Water Machines

Humid air is drawn into the machine, passing through an air filter to remove dust and dirt.  The air then passes across a condenser which converts the humidity to water. The condensed water is then taken through a further 7 stages of purification including carbon, UV light and Reverse Osmosis filtering.

Eliminating plastic bottles, as well as bottling and transportation related carbon generation Cheaper than bottled water per litre pays for itself over time over and over again Water security or short term supply disruptions and long-term independence Supports off the grid lifestyles including caravan traveling as well as hinterland living (especially when combined with solar power) Convenient as your tap – simply “plug and play” with no heavy bottles to lift ever.

Household and Commercial models available,

EMF Shielding Solutions

Create the ultimate nighttime sanctuary with our EMF sleep protection.

Pop-Up Safe Cave

  • Sewn from a high-quality silver fabric with 42 dB attenuation at 1GHz.
  • Size: width 135 cm, depth 205 cm, height 170 cm.
    Shield your sleeping area at home or when travelling.
  • Easy to assemble with only 2 long rods.
  • Closed on all sides (including the bottom) with silver fabric and zippers for perfect shielding.
  • Add a mattress on the floor for sleeping.
  • Entrance is via a zippered opening on one side.
  • Sewn with a high quality silver fabric with high transparency and air permeability.

Bed-Canopy Shielding Material

  • Silver-Cotton is a semi-transparent cotton fabric with a high silver thread content for the protection against high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency radiation (LF)
  • Special features: With 42 dB attenuation at 1GHz this fabric has an outstanding price/performance ratio.
  • Width: 220 cm, depth: 220 cm, height: 220 cm (+/- 5% tolerance)   
  • Entrance: two overlapping openings.
  •  Installation: Suspension from the ceiling at four points or support from underneath Rod pockets sewn at the top of each side.
  • High transparency at very high screening attenuation Shields LF electric fields
  • Textile characteristics: Washable.
  •  Quality grade: High

Safe-Cave Single Tent

Shielded pop up sleeping tent for one person which pops up by itself, without having to assemble it. It is closed on all sides (including the bottom) with silver fabric and zippers for perfect shielding. Shield your sleeping area at home or when travelling. Entrance: The tent can be entered through an opening at the side with a zipper.

Sewn with a high quality silver fabric with high transparency and air permeability. High shielding attenuation of 42 dB at 1 GHz. Please check the chart above for attenuation at other frequencies.

Shielding Paint

A shielding paint for rooms and buildings:

Shielding paint for shielding high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). Standard shielding paint with the best all round properties. One paint for almost all applications.
TÜV-SÜD certified. High shielding, adhesion and hardness with fine pigmentation. Breathable, solvent-free, plasticizer-free and low-emission. With phenomenal physical and chemical properties, along with high ecology. Excellent adhesion on almost all substrates both interior and exterior.

Defender Shield Air-Tubes

A safer alternative to a standard, wired headset. The DefenderShield AirTube headset helps to significantly reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from phones, laptops, PCs and all smart devices while delivering crystal clear sound quality.

Copper-infused braided nylon cord for extra protection and fewer tangles Supplied with three sizes of earbuds and three sizes of sports tips to ensure a comfortable and convenient fit Built-in hands-free microphone and audio controls Fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack. An adaptor is required for newer
models of iPhone and Samsung phones.

Dirty Electricity

Humans are electrical beings. Our nervous system uses electricity to send signals throughout the body and brain. One example is doctors measuring the electrical pulses of the heart using an electrocardiogram (ECG). If we disrupt the electrical currents in the body it can lead to illness or dis-ease.

The micro-surges or ‘Dirty Electricity’ in wiring interfere with the
electrical system of the body and common symptoms include headaches, depression, sleep disorders, lethargy as well as general aches and pains. Research has shown links to cancer, diabetes, ADD, ADHD and chronic fatigue.

Some common modern devices that can induce high amounts of dirty power include smart meters, light dimmer switches, various light bulbs, air conditioners, computers and solar panel inverters.

Often the electricity you buy has been supplied to the grid by houses with solar systems and therefore is polluted before it reached your home.

EMFs Made Simple online Course

Learn from Dr Sandeep Gupta and Chris Henderson FDN-P about common sources of EMF exposure in modern life including smartphones, Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, Bluetooth, electric cars, and smart devices. EMFs and Health – how do EMFs impact health and contribute to cancer, autoimmune diseases and Electro-hypersensitivity? Reducing EMFs – What are some easy ways to mitigate and reduce your exposure to EMFs in your home and workplace.

Clean Air products

Most air purification systems are either passive or ineffective at meaningfully reducing pollutants. We work with advanced technology that not only uses UV light, but that also improves the quality of your air by producing low levels of hydrogen peroxide in the air that circulates through your air-conditioning system and indoor spaces. This significantly reduces bacteria, viruses, odors and mold spores in the air and on surfaces including effective against air-borne viruses such as COVID-19.

Indoor Sauna solutions

A Far Infrared Sauna differs from traditional saunas as it uses infrared radiant energy to directly penetrate into the body’s tissue to produce sweating. Traditional saunas use steam to heat the air inside the sauna, which then heats your body until you begin to sweat. In order for this to be effective, temperatures reach upwards of 90 degrees. Infrared saunas only need a temperature of up to 48 degrees to obtain the same effect. This lower temperature makes the atmosphere more tolerable, while also allowing you to breathe easier. Activated by heat, an Infrared Sauna emits FIR energy that is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called “resonance.” Thus the cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in a better blood circulation and an overall improved metabolism.

Red & Near-Infra Red Light Therapy

Light as therapy has been used for decades to support a number of health challenges from injuries to skin issues to seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Today it is known as ‘photo-biomodulation’ which in layman’s terms means the stimulation of chemical processes in the body, tissues and cells by reactions mediated by various wavelengths of light.
Light in general is critical for all systems of the body to perform a function, stimulate healing and activate energy inside of our cells. In our modern day lives we suffer less from ‘mal-nutrition’ and rather, face an epidemic of ‘mal-illumination’! Utilising light therapy can help balance the bodies requirements for light especially when seasonal weather doesn’t allow for sufficient sun exposure during winter for instance or you’re looking to help support a specific health challenge and increase cellular energy and metabolism.
Click on the image to learn more and see product options.

Land Healings with Hayley Wallace

The Mito Meter

The World’s smallest 3 in 1 EMF meter to help you identify the ‘unseen’ electromagnetic threats in your home.

The Mito Meter allows you to measure microwave radiation from Mobile Phones, cordless telephones, Wifi, Blue-tooth devices.

and smart technology such as smart meter pulses as well as common exposures such as Electrical fields from wiring in your home and everyday appliances we use in our daily lives.

The Mito Meter also measures Magnetic fields from mains power boards, batteries, electric vehicles etc.

Allows you to discreetly measure the EMF environment around you up to 8Ghz.

Renu28 Revitalizing Gel

Chemical free personal care product

As the body ages it loses its ability to renew itself. Our skin is a marker of ageing and Renu28 helps support.

the bodies own ability to repair at a cellular level including helping skin cells repair and replace themselves within natural 30 day cycles.

Most modern ‘skin care’ is full of chemicals that affect our hormones. Renu28 is native to the body which means it contains the exact same molecules the body makes and recognizes to help our cells function like they were younger.

Renu28 can also be used to replace most products in the first aid cabinet as well as beauty regime products and personal care products.

The Daylight Computer Company

Do you suffer from eyestrain and headaches or fatigue when using digital devices?

The world’s first day-light notebook style computer that allows you to use outdoors without glare, is flicker free

to reduce eye-strain and has an ‘amber’ night time mode to reduce artificial blue light exposure and not effect sleep patterns.