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About Harmonised Home Health

I am Chris Henderson a professional health coach. Since starting coaching in 2016 and helping my clients with nutrition and supplements as well as lifestyle strategies to support their health goals I quickly realised that no matter how well my clients followed my guidelines it was those that started to address the toxicities in their living environments that got better quicker.

This moved me to expand my mind and network with doctors and specialists in environmental medicine and remediation to learn about the toxins we face in our living spaces and start to remediate these from my own life.

After seeing my own auto-immune health issues improve as well as countless numbers of clients get better, I now truly believe that identifying and treating the air, water, lighting, chemicals and electro-magnetic fields in our indoor environments is the key to supporting better health and managing chronic illness.

I work in collaboration with a team of specialists who have developed testing, protocols and products to improve the health of the home and provide tangible health benefits to my clients such as better sleep, better energy, and better mental clarity.

I will help guide you through the process of identifying the main toxicities in your living environment and offer the best products and services that are available saving you time and money and also getting you the best value services that create genuine outcomes for your health.

I call this your ‘Healthy Home Audit’ the audit can be done virtually (Zoom) or in person if in South East Queensland, Australia.