Mold Illness Made Simple

Do you suffer from a complex chronic illness such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune condition, MCAS, MCS, or any other multi-system illness that doesn’t improve despite treatment? You may be suffering from mould toxicity a.k.a. mould illness.

Mold Illness Made Simple was the first — and is still the best — comprehensive online course that teaches you everything you need to know about mold illness, from causes and symptoms to diagnosis and treatment. Plus it has three modules on inspection, remediation, and maintenance of water-damaged buildings.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta, MD will expertly guide you through 17 hours of beautiful animated slides backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed references.

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EMFs Made Simple

Dr. Sandeep Gupta and Chris Henderson, FDN-P are proud to announce the launch of a new on-demand online course, Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Made Simple. Learn about:

Sources of EMF exposure

Learn about common sources of EMF exposure in modern life including smartphones, Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, Bluetooth, electric cars, and smart devices.

EMFs and Health

How do EMFs impact health and contribute to cancer, autoimmune diseases and EHS?

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